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Fairy Tale Art Virtual Art Show

Welcome to the Fairy Tale Creature Art Virtual Art Show! Children and teens throughout Whitman County did a fantastic job! A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated!!! (The 6 randomly drawn winners have a ribbon on their entry).

Shayna S.
Adele K. - "Starlight the Unicorn"
Aven M.
Aven M.- "Big Eyed Cyclops"
Ezra R.
Ezra R. - "Sharp Tooth the Monster"
Jazmine C.
Jazmine C.
Jillian K.
Jillian K. - "Nala"
Shayna S.
Shayna S.
Alexis B.
Alexis B. - "Magical Beard"
Alliegh P.
Alliegh P. - "Giraffe Unicorn"
Brian P.
Brian P. - "Dragons"
Brody L.
Brody L. - "Recycled Unicorn"
Cecilie K.
Cecilie K. - "Wayva"
Chloe P.
Chloe P. - "Princess"
Corwin R.
Corwin R. - "Dragon Eggs"
Denali C.
Denali C.
Edyn R.
Edyn R. - "Fairy Tower"
Fiona K.
Fiona K. - "Dianthus"
Gareth K.
Gareth K. - "The Green Fury"
Jaydin W.
Jaydin W. - "The Double Motion Monster"
Jolie R.
Jolie R. - "Magic Horse"
Kathryn R.
Kathryn R. - "Paper Mache Unicorn"
Kaylee B.
Kaylee B. - "Magical Unicorn Fairy"
Lanie B.
Lanie B. - "Magical Bigfoot"
Levi R.
Levi R. - "The IDK (I Don't Know)"
Mackenzie R.
Mackenzie R.
Mckinley C.
Mckinley C. - "Oddie"
Nathaniel K.
Nathaniel K. - "Kale"
Pheo M.
Pheo M.
Raya R.
Raya R. - "The Flying Snorse-icorn"
Sadie L.
Sadie L.
Skyler M.
Skyler M.
Teagan L.
Teagan L. - "Fairies"
Mathis I.
Mathis I.
Maggie B.
Maggie B.

For additional information on contest or summer reading events at all 14 Whitman County Library locations call 1-877-733-3375, "Like" us on Facebook or visit

Award image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Nichole Kopp, Whitman County Library, Teen Librarian 509-397-4366