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New books for the week of February 08, 2020


Book cover of "Napoleon's Hemorrhoids" by Phil Mason"Napoleon's Hemorrhoids"
by Phil Mason

This book is a hilarious, fascinating, roller coaster ride of historical what-ifs and lesser-known anecdotes for serious historians and casual history buffs that reveals how much of history turned out to be the consequences or fortune, accident or just plain luck.



Book cover of "Queen Victoria's Matchmaking"by Deborah Cadbury"Queen Victoria's Matchmaking"
by Deborah Cadbury

As her reign approached its sixth decade, Queen Victoria had over thirty grandchildren and she determined to maneuver them into a series of dynastic marriages with the royal houses of Europe. This book is an intimate portrait of a royal family and an examination of the conflict caused by these marriages.


book cover of "Worn on This Day"by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell"Worn on This Day"
by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

Beginning on January 01, and ending on December 31, this book looks at garments worn on monumental occasions across the century, offering capsule fashion histories of everything from Marie-Antoinette's battered shoes to Wallis Simpson's wedding gown and of course Jackie Kennedy's Inauguration Day coat and pill box hat.


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