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New books for the week of January 11, 2020


Book cover of "Adventures in My Youth" by Armin Sheiderbauer"Adventures in My Youth"
by Armin Sheiderbauer

The war ended when he was just twenty one, but Armin Sheiderbauer had already seen four years of bitter combat on the Eastern Front being wounded six times and made prisoner of the Soviet Army. This outstanding personal memoir is his recollection of the years between 1943 and 1947.



Book cover of "Five Lieutenants"by James Karl Nelson"Five Lieutenants"
by James Karl Nelson

This is the horrific and heartbreaking story of five young, Harvard men who took up the call of arms in the spring of 1917 and met differing fates in the maelstrom of the battle of the Western Front in 1918.


book cover of "Presidents of War"by Michael Beschloss"Presidents of War"
by Michael Beschloss

This is an intimate chronicle of the Chief Executives who took the United States into conflict. From the War of 1812 to the Vietnam War these leaders made the difficult decision to send thousands of Americans to their deaths, while struggling with congress, the courts, the press and protesters. Some were able to withstand the pressures others were broken by it.


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