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GetNetWise contains the largest online repository of instructional how-to-video tutorials that show parents and users how to keep their family's online experiences safe and secure. Instructional videos range form setting your search engine to filter pornography in its search results to activating your computer's security settings.



Super Sites for Young KidsSuper websites for younger kids
Crayola Home Page
COLUMBIA Kids online Washington State history magazine

Reading: Fun with Books - A WONDERFUL reading site that preschoolers up through middle school will love. Lots of interactive stories and phonics building activities.
Story Place - Spanish & English versions. Listen to interactive children's stories, play with on-line activities, print out take-home activities, reading lists ...

Science: Wild and Wacky Wonders websites for kids

Science: Wild and Wacky Wonders

Science Made Simple - Offers loads of answers and experiments with clear scientific explanations
Center for Game Science at the University of Washington - FREE educational video games for K-12 students.

Study and Reference

SIRS Discoverer - an award-winning database designed with the young researcher in mind. This interactive tool strengthens research, reading, writing and computer skills.
CultureGrams - a leading reference for concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe.
ProQuest Learning: Literature - Where students come for the latest word on the authors they study in class and read at home!
History Study Center - a collection of primary and secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present day.


Serendipity: Other Neat SitesClifford the Dog at Library Computer

Notable Children's Digital Media - from the American Library Association


Other Fun Links:

PBS Learning Media


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