Endicott Library Project FAQs

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Frequently asked questions about the Endicott Library renovation ...


Who owns and uses the library?

The town of Endicott owns the library while MANY people use it regularly! In fact, 550 people have and use Endicott library cards. The Endicott branch is the busiest in per/hour circulation countywide and has a very strong following as related to the checkout of materials, computer and Internet usage, childrenís programs and adult craft programs.

Why canít Whitman County Library fix up the Endicott Branch?

The Library District is relatively poor, providing service to 14 locations on a budget better suited to operate one. This is why the district was originally designed with the communities owning and maintaining their own library buildings while the library district funds the staff, materials, computers, programs and services.

While the Library District is not able to fund the changes, they are excited to partner with community members and the Town of Endicott to write grants and secure funding.

What parts of the Library would be renovated?

Proposed changes call for completely gutting the building and abating a number of toxins, installing a basement vapor barrier and a clean air exhaust system, making the restroom and entire facility handicap accessible, repairing exterior brickwork and a number of cosmetic improvements. Cost of the project is anticipated at $118,000.

How have other communities funded major library upgrades?

In Colfax, estate, memorial and local donations along with a number of grants funded nearly all, of the $1,040,000 project.

In Malden, a USDA grant written by a local Internet provider built a computer center for the community. Local and in-kind donations further developed the library portion of the facility.

In Rosalia, donation of an empty building along with in-kind labor and cash donations from the community provided for a new library.

In St. John, the town purchased and cleared a main street lot, residents raised approximately $250,000 in cash and in-kind donations and a $500,000 bond measure was approved to build a new facility

How can Endicott move forward to fund the renovation?

Residents can make tax-deductible donations directly to this project to help raise $22,500 in matching capital. Combined with the $7500 that has already been secured, the town of Endicott and the Friends of the Endicott Library hope to raise $88,000 in grants and outside funding sources to ensure the Endicott residents have access to a quality library facility for generations to come!

Who can I contact with questions?

Barbara Stader at 657-3340 or Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director at 509-397-4366 or email kirkpatr@colfax.com

The Endicott library is extremely popular but it faces a number of serious issues that need immediate attention. The town of Endicott and Friends of the Endicott Library are seeking donations for a complete renovation. If you are able to help, please send contributions to:

Friends of Endicott Library
C/o Barbara Strader
PO Box 178
Endicott, WA 99178

For questions, contact Barb at 657-3340 or Kristie Kirkpatrick at 397-4366.