Friends of Whitman County Library
Meeting Minutes
May 07, 2013
Colfax Branch


The May meeting was called to order by President Wanda Alderman at 11:05 AM

Cheryl Jones, a new volunteer, joined us today.

Previous month’s minutes: were read by Claudia Rollins and approved as read.

Treasurer’s report:

Peggy brought us up to date on our finances. Additional monies have been received for the Endicott remodel and the full amount of $13,000 has been sent to the Town of Endicott. Book cart sales are doing very well, as are the recycled journals. Report was approved as read.

Old Business:

1. Lamont library update: Clancy brought us up to date on the Lamont Library. There will be a summer reading program, meeting in the Community building or adjacent park. As the physical building is unfinished at this time, “Books by Mail” is available for our Lamont patrons. An informational flyer was sent to all residents of the community. 

2. Endicott branch: Thanks to the Thrifty Grandmothers, additional monies were available. The grand re-opening will be May 30 from 5 to 7 PM with recognition of community support at 6 P, followed with the raffle drawing and silent auction. Comments have been very appreciative of the new facilities and improvements. 


New Business:

1. No correspondence was received.

2. Memorials will be reported next month.

3. Library Supporter of the Month: Neill Public Library was recognized in April. May’s supporter will be dedicated to an individual from Endicott.

4. Concrete River Festival, July 26-28: The Palouse photography tour is full and much anticipated by one Friend. Kristie asked for volunteers to staff the photography exhibit, “Our Palouse: People, Places and Possibilities”, that will be held in the McGregor room. Individual photographers are invited to show and sell their work.

5. CCS Community Enrichment Summer Classes are having good attendance, and more offerings are anticipated in the fall.

6. Colfax Library flower pot: Claudia has planted the sidewalk flower pot, and explained it has been planted with several perennials that will last over the years. She anticipates in three years that no additional plant material will be needed. We do need to stay in contact with the City to be sure we keep “our” pot.

7. Summer Reading funding request: Sheri Miller requested a total of $1,240 for all branches for the Summer Reading program. Last year we had 300 kids, 72 teens, and 156 adults participate in and complete the program. It was moved, seconded, and passed.

8. Branch update: Clancy reports no new branch managers this month. There will be a special meeting held for the new managers to bring them up to speed on the Summer Reading program. The annual branch meeting will be May 17. There is a container gardening program coming up this following weekend. A cooking program is in the works. Emphasis on programs will be focused on those programs drawing the most participants.

9. Youth Services: The Teen Dance last weekend drew 121 kids from the entire county. The dance was held at the Palouse Empire Fair grounds, and “they had a blast”. Participation has decreased over the last several years, so a new program is in the works for next year. The Mobius programs are sponsored by a Boeing/4-H Art grant in collaboration with WCL, providing programs for 8 Whitman County Schools.

10. May’s Calendar of Events: Kristie pointed out all the wonderful activities going on. She made a special mention of the Chamber of Commerce luncheon on May 21, catered by Fonk’s; and the grand re-opening in Endicott on May 30.

11. Other: Kristie will be working with a grant writer to secure additional funding for the remodeling of the CEC building. She hoped that we had all seen the article in the Daily News saluting Wanda Alderman and her activities relating to the library and the Rural Heritage project. Sheri has applied for a grant for a mobile reading and science unit to come during the Concrete River days, and there is a request for Slinky, the clown.

Next meeting will be June 4, at 11 AM

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM

 Respectfully submitted, Claudia Rollins


Mary Ann Mitchell Sue Hallett Peggy Bryan Teri Kneale Sheri Miller Wanda Alderman Kristie Kirkpatrick Claudia Rollins Becky Lawhead Clancy Pool Cheryl Jones

For more information, contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick at 509-397-4366

For a complete list of events and programs happening in all fourteen Whitman County Library branches, visit the Whitman County Library website or the library's events calendar or call the library at 397-4366 or 877-733-3375 toll-free.