Friends of Whitman County Library
Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2017

In attendance: Sue Hallett, Becky Lawhead, Dawn Heiydt, Shirley Cornelius, Laurie Suess, Sheri Miller, and Debi Hergert

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by President Sue Hallett.

Laurie Suess was introduced to those who she was not acquainted with.

The previous month’s minutes were not read as they were not available.

Treasurer’s report – Shirley Cornelius

• WCL financial statement, branch balances, investment and overall account balances as of December 31, 2016 (see attached document) were reviewed. There were no corrections to the treasurer’s report. Passed as read.

• The Palouse Turkey Leg and the Christmas tree raffle fund raisers were both very successful.

• Shirley shared that the library is now able to process purchases with a credit card reader.

• Ideas were suggested as ways to continue to fund the pie and bingo activity.

• Shirley is researching what the Acorn fund contributions will be based on.

Old Business

• The Little Free Library is up and running and being used. The light inside the two sections is not working yet, but will be fixed if needed when the weather warms up.

• The group toured the TEK center which has laptops, tables, and a new screen set up for workshops and classes.

New Business

• A motion to approve the current officers was made by Sheri Miller and seconded by Debi Hergert. The motion carried and these officers will continue service– Sue Hallett, President, Dawn Heiydt, Vice President, Becky Lawhead, Secretary, and Shirley Cornelius, Tresurer.

• President’s update: Sue shared that her mother has moved to Nelson’s Corner and is happily settled in, which means that Sue will be able to continue volunteering in the library on most Tuesdays.

• Correspondence: A thank you note was read thanking the Friends of the Library for the Rosauer’s gift card sent by Patti Cammack, who is home recovering from knee replacement surgery.

• Sheri Miller passed out a flyer concerning the County Wide Art show and shared that it may be a smaller group showing up this year because of the road conditions.

• Supporter of the month: The December supporter was Jackie Klossner representing Real Life Church and Mocha Mommas.

• Branch update: Petra Klander from the Uniontown branch has resigned. The new manager in Oakesdale is Elaina Nordstom. The main carpet in the Palouse branch is being replaced by the city.

• Youth services update: Nicole continues to teach coding camp classes and also ozabots. Nicole is also continuing the Lego programs.

• The Winterfest, Tree of Lights and Art among the Trees were all very successful. The group discussed the possibility of having Santa downstairs next year. Also, the suggestion to make sure the vendors stayed the entire time of the event. It was reported that McGregor’s company may not put up the tree by the US Bank again. The trivia night activities are very well attended. The Garfield library and the St. John tavern both has hosted trivia nights as well as the Colfax Golf Course and The Hyde Out.

• Sheri passed out a draft of the Friends renewal letter for the group to preview and give input.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 7th at 11:00 a.m. in Colfax. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Debi Hergert

For more information, contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick at 509-397-4366

For a complete list of events and programs happening in all fourteen Whitman County Library branches, visit the Whitman County Library website or the library's events calendar or call the library at 397-4366 or 877-733-3375 toll-free.