Friends of Whitman County Library
Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2017

In attendance: Dawn Heiydt, Mikki Tague, Polly Anderson, Mary Ann Mitchell, Peggy Kehne, Shirley Cornelius, Sheri Miller, Stephanie Rohrbaugh-Ayers, Kristie Kirkpatrick, Becky Lawhead, Wanda Alderman, Sue Hallett and Debi Hergert

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Hallett at 11:00 am.

The March minutes were read and approved without corrections.

Shirley reviewed the current financial statement and overall account balances as of March 31, 2017. The statement is attached. There were no corrections to the report and it passed as read. Shirley reported that the on-line banking has been set up with Columbia Bank. She also shared the list of memorials and those honored with donations.

Kudos to Becky Lawhead for recognizing the Zane Grey collection and thank you to Sue who sold it on line for $150.00.

Old Business

• Kristie explained that the Endicott branch was in need of a new camera since theirs was taken in the robbery. Wanda made a motion to provide the $88.00, Becky seconded the motion and it passed.

• Kristie shared that SEL had come for a visit and donated $8000.00 to the center. SEL has donated to past projects including the Colfax and Uniontown Library renovations.

• The TECH Tuesdays programs have begun in the technology lab funded by grants from WSL.

New Business

• Sue provided the itinerary for the FOL road trip and April 16th was set for the date. Those interested in attending provided Sue with their email addresses as contact information.

• There was a discussion concerning the proposed elimination of the Institute for Museum and Library Services. A letter detailing what cuts may occur and ideas to voice your opinion was provided. Calling or emailing was suggested as the best way to communicate with Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers.

• Sheri shared the Summer Reading Program that serves 14 branches and Lamont. She requested $2640.00 for this summer’s programs. Mary Ann Mitchell made the motion, Polly Anderson seconded it and the motion carried.

• Pat Voge of Rosalia is the supporter of the month for March and for April, Kim Schultz, a 4th grade teacher from Tekoa will be honored.

• Kristie expressed appreciation to Bev Pearce and many volunteers in Palouse who moved the entire collection of books to higher ground and back when there was a chance of flooding.

• Sheri shared youth services activities for spring break.

• Kristie explained the Seed Library and also the mentioned some upcoming activities.

• Trivia nights have been very successful. Mikki asked about holding one in conjunction with the community meal at the Methodist Church.

• Dawn shared that she will be moving to Deer Lodge, Montana this summer and needs to relinquish her vice presidency. Friends expressed sadness at Dawn’s departure but also are excited for her. She will be terribly missed.

The next meeting will be held on May 2nd at 11:00 am. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

Respectfully submitted, Debi Hergert


For a complete list of events and programs happening in all fourteen Whitman County Library branches, visit the Whitman County Library website or the library's events calendar or call the library at 397-4366 or 877-733-3375 toll-free.