Early Achievers Music, Education and Literacy Connection

The Whitman County Library is sponsoring an Early Achievers Music, Education and Literacy Connection for children Pre-K thru second grade. This is a grant provided opportunity to the Whitman County Library by the Washington State Department of Early Learning and the Washington State Library. This educational music program is available at six locations October 2-4 with professional musician, Nancy Stewart.

Nancy Stewart (http://www.nancymusic.com) is a national award-winning musician who has been writing and performing for young children and their families for twenty years. Quite simply, children need music to fully develop, and these days children have fewer and fewer opportunities for singing in their lives.

Nancy Stewart is performing an Early Achievers Music, Education and Literacy Connection on the following dates and locations:

Wednesday, October 2

Jennings Elementary School 9 am

Palouse Elementary School 1:45 pm

Thursday, October 3

Rosalia Grade School 10:15 am

Tekoa Grade School 1:30 pm

Friday, October 4

St. John Library 10:00 am

Lacrosse Grade School 2:00 pm


Early Achievers JES Gym October 02

For more information, contact:

Sheri Miller at 509-397-4366

For a complete list of events and programs happening in all fourteen Whitman County Library branches, visit the Whitman County Library website or the library's events calendar or call the library at 397-4366 or 877-733-3375 toll-free.