A local connection and donation - Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies

Many people don’t realize that Robert Osborne, star of the Turner Classics movie series graduated from Colfax High School in 1949. After landing in Hollywood, Osborne worked briefly as an actor, then as an entertainment journalist before eventually assuming the role of film host.

Residents can now borrow two items by Robert Osborne thanks to the generosity of Dolores Mader. The DVD “Conversations with Robert Osborne” and the book “85 years of the Oscars” are both available at Whitman County Library.

Dolores received the autographed DVD from Dan and Shirley (Louden) Nelson who attended a Robert Osborne signing at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Theater. Shirley had worked with Mr. Osborne long ago at Colfax’s Rose Theater, where his interest in the movies began. The DVD contains interviews between Osborne and film greats like Liza Minnelli, Kim Novak, Luise Rainer, and Eva Marie Saint.

The book was purchased by Friends of WCL as a result of a donation of vintage commemorative pins and pennants Dolores gave to the group. That collection sold for $275 and the proceeds were used to purchase Osborne’s book as well as support additional library programs and projects.

Whitman County Library so appreciates Dolores Mader’s generosity and also, her desire to inform the community about Mr. Osborne’s local ties. It is this sort of community knowledge and involvement that preserves our local history while improving library collections.

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