Backpacks and walks available to encourage outdoor activity

Hiking, Birding, and Fishing Backpacks are now available for checkout from Whitman County Library as part of the Bonnie Bell collection. The three outdoor themed backpacks were developed as a way of encouraging participation in outdoor activities and were made possible by donations from Maribeth Kjack, the Whitman County Parks Department and the Tom Bihn Company.

The bird watching backpack contains binoculars and birding books for adults and children. The fishing backpack includes a fishing pole, tackle box with fishing gear, bait, extra line, first aid kit, and fishing related kid’s books. The hiking backpack is filled with maps and trail guides of Whitman County and the surrounding area, plant and bird watching manuals, children’s books on hiking, a compass, binoculars, and a first aid kit.

Also included in the hiking backpack is a guide for a six mile walk that begins at the Colfax Library and highlights some of Colfax’s most historic sites such as the Perkins House and St. Ignatious Hospital. That guide can also be obtained separately from the library or found at the Lilac City Chapter of AVA.

A guided Volkswalk is also set for Saturday, April 21 at 1:00 p.m. at the Colfax Library.

For more information on the backpacks, the guides or the walk, contact Shirley Cornelius at Whitman County Library, 509-397-4366.

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