Whitman County Library
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Locations & Hours

Colfax - Main Branch
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Director: Kristie Kirkpatrick
Hours: Mon. - Wed. 10am - 8pm
Thurs. & Fri. 10am - 6pm
Sat. & Sun. 1pm - 5pm
Phone: 397-4366
Toll free 877-733-3375
Fax: 397-6156

Storytime: Ages 2-3 Thursdays 10am and 10:30am; Ages 4+ Thursdays 11am

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Whit. Cty. Map
Whitman County Map
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Coming Events

Hours: Wed. 3pm-7pm; Sat. 10am-2pm
Phone: 338-9641
Storytime: Saturday 10:30am
Branch Manager: Sarah Nagle
Hours: Mon. 10am-2:30pm; Thurs. 2pm-6pm
Phone: 229-3887
Storytime: Mondays 10:30am
Branch Manager: Teri Kneale
Hours: Tues. 1pm-6pm; Fri. 9am-1pm
Phone: 657-3429
Storytime: Fridays 10am
Branch Manager: Trudy Hager
Hours: Tues. 2pm-6pm; Thurs. 12pm-4pm
Phone: 287-2500
Storytime: Tuesdays 4pm
Branch Manager: Debbie Gilbertson
Hours: Mon. 3:00pm - 6:30pm
Wed. 10am - 12:30pm & 2:30pm - 6:00pm
Phone: 635-1490

Storytime: Storytime: 11:15 a.m. on Wednesdays for Preschoolers Afterschool Program: 3:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month for Elementary and Junior High
Branch Manager: Teri Kneale
Hours: Mon. 2pm-6pm; Thurs. 10am-2pm
Phone: 549-3330
Storytime: Thursdays 10:30am
Second Monday Club: Second Monday of the month; Grades 1-4 3:30pm
Branch Manager: Michele Wright
Hours: Mon. 1pm-6pm; Wed. 9am-1pm
Phone: 285-4310
Storytime: Wednesdays 9:30am
Branch Manager: Marie Dymkoski
Hours: Tues. 11am - 6pm; Thurs. 1pm - 7pm
Phone: 878-1513
Storytime: Tuesdays 11:30am
After School Thursdays: Ages 10-14 Thurs. 3:30pm
Book Club: Thursdays 7pm
Branch Manager: Rose Bruce
Hours: Tues. 9:30am - 2pm
Thurs. 2:30pm - 7pm
Phone: 523-3109
Storytime: Tuesdays 10am
St. John
Branch Manager: Clancy Pool
Hours: Mon. 10:30am - 5pm; Fri. 8:30am - 2pm
Phone: 648-3319

Storytime: Ages 2-3 Mon. 11am; Ages 4+ Fri. 11am
Second Monday Club: Second Monday of the Month; Grades 1-4 3:30pm
Branch Manager: Laurie Overton
Hours: Tues. 1pm - 6pm
Wed. 4pm - 6pm; Thurs. 11am - 4pm
Phone: 284-3121
Storytime: Thursdays 1:10pm
Branch Manager: Sarah Nagle
Hours: Tues. 3pm - 7pm
Wed. 10am - 11:30am; Fri. 3pm - 6pm
Phone: 229-3880
Storytime: Wednesdays 10am