Staff Contact Information

Colfax - Main Branch: 397-4366 or toll free 877-733-3375

Kristie Kirkpatrick, Director, email
Sheri Miller, Associate Director, Youth Services Manager, email
James Morasch, Computer Systems Administrator, email
Catalina Flores, Circulation and Branch Coordinator, email
Shirley Cornelius, Business Manager, email
Nichole Kopp, Teen Services, email
Sarah Phelan, Marketing & Promotions/Trivia contests email
Kathy Buchholtz, Acquisitions, Rural Heritage Collection, email
Gina Halme, Senior Services Coordinator, email
Don Appel, Technology Administrator email

For Board of Trustees contact information, click here.

For other Main Branch employees, please contact the library.

Albion: Wendy Ewest 338-9641 email
Colton: Holly Meyer 229-3887 email
Endicott: Tia Langston 657-3429 email
Farmington: Rita Ackerman 287-2035 email
Garfield:  Sarah Anderson 635-1490 email
LaCrosse: Tami Schwartz 549-3770 email
Malden: Vanessa Place 569-3609 email
Oakesdale:  Elana Nordstrom 285-4310 email
Palouse: Beverley Pearce 878-1513 email
Rosalia: Marcy Campbell 523-3109 email
St. John: Clancy Pool 648-3319 email
Tekoa: Shelly Ausmus 284-3121 email
Uniontown: Holly Meyer 229-3880 email