New books for the week of March 09, 2019


Book cover of The Bronte's by Juliet Barker"The Bronte's"
by Juliet Barker

You've probably read "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" but do you know the tragic tale behind one of the world's most beloved literary families? This landmark book demolishes the myths and provides new information based on first-hand research, Bronte family manuscripts and historical documents to tell the tale of Emily, Anne and Charlotte Bronte.


Book cover of I was Vermeer by Frank Wynne"I was Vermeer"
by Frank Wynne

This is the true story of Herman van Meegeren a paranoid, drug-addicted, second rate painter who amassed a fortune selling forged Vermeer paintings to the Nazi's. After he was arrested as a Nazi collaborator, he confessed to his crimes but no one believed him until a staged public event where he "painted" his last Vermeer.


book cover of Mozart's Starling by Lynda Lynn Haupt"Mozart's Starling;
by Lynda Lynn Haupt

This book is a combination of stories that explores the unlikely and remarkable bond between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his beloved pet starling and the similar bond between the author and her pet starling. It's a window into human-animal friendships, music and the secret world of starlings.


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