New books for the week of January 26, 2019


Book cover of Cardio Sucks by Michael Mathews“Cardio Sucks”
by Michael Mathews

If you are short on time, sick of the same old boring cardio routine and want to kick your weight loss into high gear, check out this book and learn the science behind losing fat fast while actually working out less!


Book cover of Strong is the New Beautiful by Lindsey Vonn"Strong is the New Beautiful"
by Lindsey Vonn

This book will show you how to stop obsessing about losing weight and start focusing on getting strong, eating clean, harnessing your power and loving your body for what it is and what it can do.


book cover of Build Your Running Body by Pete Magill"Build Your Running Body "
by Pete Magill

If you want a fit, fast and injury-resistant running body check out this book and discover a total body fitness plan that will show you a better way to train with easy-to-use manuals that draw on the latest research in running physiology.


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