New books for the week of September 22, 2018


Book cover of Never Call Me a Hero by N. Jack Kliess“Never Call Me a Hero”
by N. Jack Kliess

This is the story of a legendary American Dive-Bomber Pilot who helped sink three Japanese warships during the Battle of Midway, crippling the Imperial Navy and reversing the tide of WWII.


Book cover of Hell Below by Smithsonian Channel"Hell Below"
by Smithsonian Channel

This non-fiction DVD tells the story of the greatest and deadliest submarine patrols of WWII told from the perspective of the navel masterminds who plotted the strategies and the commanders who carried them out.


book cover of Voices from the WarHawk Air Museum by Veterans History Project"Voices from the WarHawk Air Museum"
by Veterans History Project

The WarHawk Air Museum in Nampa Idaho has been interviewing Veterans since 2002. This book is a collection of stories from the men and women of all branches of the service who served our country from WWII to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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