New books for the week of September 08, 2018


Book cover of The Last Chance by Mike Blakely“The Last Chance”
by Mike Blakely

This large-print western is the last chance for Ross Caldwell who is on the run from bitter enemies, the army and worst of all his wife. Just when he thinks he has found refuge behind a Sherriff’s badge in a gritty Montana town his enemies, the army and his wife come to call.


Book cover of Buzzard Bait by Brett Cogburn"Buzzard Bait"
by Brett Cogburn

The large-print western tells the tale of Newt Jones aka “Widow Maker” a gunslinger who is ready to put his past behind him and take it easy. There’s just one problem, living in Apache country isn’t easy especially when a reengage tribe has kidnapped a local young boy.


book cover of Hell’s Half Acre: Cold- Blooded by William W. Johnstone"Hell’s Half Acre: Cold- Blooded"
by William W. Johnstone

This large-print western tells the story of Sheriff Jess Casey and his oddball band of sidekicks who have managed to tame the most lawless town in Texas until a group of no-good politicians decided to dump hordes of criminals at their feet. Bullets are flying but also running low will Sheriff Casey save the day?


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