New books for the week of August 04, 2018


Book cover of Floor by Patrick Carman “Floor”
by Patrick Carman

This Juvenile Audio Book tells the story of Leo Fillmore, a hotel janitor’s son. Finding mystery and adventure on each floor of the Whippet Hotel. Will he be able to solve the all the hotel’s mysterious happenings before the hotel falls apart?


Book cover of A Week in the Woods by Andrew Clements"A Week in the Woods"
by Andrew Clements

New to school, at first Mark was not thrilled at the idea of a week camping in the woods. But maybe there could be more to it than he first thought. The trip ends up being unexpected, and not just for Mark. This is a Juvenile Audio Book that reach’s right to a kid’s heart, showing what it really takes to spend a week in the woods.


book cover of Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funk"Igraine the Brave"
by Cornelia Funk

Ingraine dreams of being a knight and having adventures, contrary to her dull life in the castle. That is until the nefarious nephew of the baroness-next-door shows up with a plan to capture the castle and steal the singing books. Ingrain has the adventure she wished for, but will it be more then she can handle? This Juvenile Audio Book tells a story of fears, courage, and what it takes to save the day.


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