New books for the week of June 30, 2018


Book cover of "The Death of Lucy Kyte" by Nicola Upson“The Death of Lucy Kyte”
by Nicola Upson

This intriguing historical mystery tells the story of a beloved British mystery author who inherits a cottage from her estranged godmother. But when she tries to personally claim the property she finds out she is not the only benefactor who has laid claim to the cottage on the evening she was murdered a century before.


Book cover of "Give Up The Ghost " by Juliet Blackwell"Give Up The Ghost"
by Juliet Blackwell

When a San Francisco millionaire is unable to sell his house due to a resident ghost he calls in a famous physic to find out how to appease the spirits. But when the beautiful physic ends up murdered it is up to contractor and ghost whisperer Mel Turner to uncover secrets of the haunted house and catch a murderer.


book cover of "Death of a Ghost" by Ghost by M.C. Beaton "Death of a Ghost"
by Ghost by M.C. Beaton

When the local police sergeant hears reports of a haunted castle he and his policeman decide to check it out by spending the night in the castle but instead of a ghost what they find is a corpse, a murder and a mystery.


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