New books for the week of March 31, 2018


Book cover of "Tastes like Chicken" by Emelyn Rude“Tastes like Chicken”
by Emelyn Rude

This large print book details the history of America’s favorite bird from its humble origins ten thousand years ago as a domesticated bird to its current status as our grocery store and restaurant “go-to white meat”.


Book cover of "The Comfort Food Diaries" by Emily Nunn"The Comfort Food Diaries"
by Emily Nunn

This large print book tells the story of one woman with a broken heart who has too many glasses of wine, pours her heart out on Facebook and wakes up the next morning only to discover she has more friends than she knew and they all wanted to her to come visit and cook with them while she put her life back together.


book cover of "This Cider Still Tastes Funny" by John Ford"This Cider Still Tastes Funny"
by John Ford

John Ford is a retired Maine Game warden and sheriff and this large print book offers more hilarious tales from his adventures as a not-by-the-book law enforcer.


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