New books for the week of February 17, 2018


Book cover of "The Evil Within" by Darren Galsworthy“The Evil Within”
by Darren Galsworthy

Sixteen year old Becky Watts was brutally murdered by her own step-brother. This true crime novel, written by Becky’s father tells her story and the story of his fight to put the child he raised like his own son behind bars for life.


Book cover of "Evidence of Love" by John Bloom "Evidence of Love"
by John Bloom

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore had a lot in common including a fondness for Betty’s husband. This true crime novel tells the sensational story of two desperate housewives and the murder that shocked a small Texas community.


book cover of "The Bayou Strangler" by Fred Rosen"The Bayou Strangler"
by Fred Rosen

This true crime novel tells the story of how unassuming pizza delivery man and meter reader Ronald Dominique, turned out to be one of Louisiana’s most gruesome serial killers.


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