New books for the week of February 10, 2018


Book cover of "Smitten Kitchen Everyday" by Deb Perelman“Smitten Kitchen Everyday”
by Deb Perelman

If the way to your loved ones heart is through their stomach then why not check out this cookbook with simple, easy recipes that are so easy to make any one can turn Valentine’s Day dinner into a gourmet feast that will have your loved one truly smitten for your cooking!


Book cover of "The Secrets of Baking" by Sherry Yard"The Secrets of Baking"
by Sherry Yard

As you bake and cook your way through this fabulous cookbook filled with hundreds of recipes for foods you’ve eaten but never knew you could make at home, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to create beautiful and delicious works of art that are literally good enough to eat!


book cover of "Classic German Baking" by Luisa Weiss"Classic German Baking"
by Luisa Weiss

This cookbook shares more than one hundred rigorously researched and tasted recipes from sources throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland so you can serve up authentic German cuisine. Streuselkuchen anyone?


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