New books for the week of February 03, 2018


Book cover of "The Boy is Bac"k by Meg Cabot by Meg Cabot“The Boy is Back”
by Meg Cabot

Tis the season of love so why not read a good romance like this one that tells the fictional tale of a man who returns to the town he ditched ten years earlier due to a broken heart, only to realize he has to hire the women who broke his heart to care for his ageing parents. Fireworks ensue!


Book cover of "Defender" by Diana Palmer"Defender"
by Diana Palmer

What do you get when you throw a crazy stalker, a millionaire father, a damsel in distress and a heartthrob F.B.I agent assigned to protect her into one big fictional story? You get thrills, chills, intrigue, and romance. Oh la la Cheri!


book cover of "The Silent Wife" by Kerry Fisher"The Silent Wife"
by Kerry Fisher

Would you risk everything for the man you loved? Even if you knew he’d done something terrible? In this heart wrenching work of fiction, two women in marriages held together by lies are about to find out the answer to those daunting questions.


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