New books for the week of January 20, 2018


Book cover of "Things That Matter" by Charles Krauthammer“Things That Matter”
by Charles Krauthammer

Known as the “Most Influential Commentator in the Nation”, this book eBook is a collection of Krauthammer’s essential and timeless writings that challenge conventional thinking with his keen insight into politics and government.


Book cover of "The Time of Our Lives" by Tom Brokaw "The Time of Our Lives"
by Tom Brokaw

In this eBook Brokaw weaves together inspiring stories of Americans who are making a difference and personal stories from his own family history to engage a conversation about our country to offer ideas about how we can come together to revitalize the American dream.


book cover of "The Dark Side" by Jane Mayer"The Dark Side"
by Jane Mayer

This eBook claims to tell the inside story of how the war on terror turned into a war on American ideals and how the crisis was exploited in an effort to expand presidential powers.


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