New books for the week of January 13, 2018


Book cover of "A Call to Conscience" by Clayborne Carson “A Call to Conscience”
by Clayborne Carson

In honor of our nation’s upcoming holiday why not check out this Ebook that is a collection of the best known and most influential speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Book cover of "April 4, 1968" by Michael Eric Dyson "April 4, 1968"
by Michael Eric Dyson

This Ebook takes a sweeping view of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death, remembering all the toil, triumph and tribulation that led to the fateful day while also anticipating the ways in which King’s legacy will affect the future of this country.


book cover of Who was Martin Luther King, Jr". by Bonnie Bader"Who was Martin Luther King, Jr."
by Bonnie Bader

This juvenile Ebook is a great way to introduce your grade school children to the hiStory of who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and the important influence he had influencing American citizens to use non-violent ways to change the laws pertaining to civil rights.


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