New books for the week of September 02, 2017


Book cover "The Total Skywatcher’s Manual by Linda Shore“The Total Skywatcher’s Manual”
by Linda Shore

If you loved the solar eclipse why not check out the amazing things you can see at night by checking out this ultimate guide for stargazers, comet-spotters and planet seekers.


Book cover of "Science of the Magical by Matt Kaplan"Science of the Magical"
by Matt Kaplan

This book explores the surprising history of magical objects, places and rituals through the compelling scope of human history and cutting edge science.


book cover of "Why the Wheel is Round by Steven Vogel"Why the Wheel is Round"
by Steven Vogel

This book provides a unique history of some of mankind’s most useful inventions like wheels, cranks, cranes, carts and capstans and how they helped us move through the physical world.


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