New books for the week of August 26, 2017


Book cover "ASL Kids and Adults" by Gilda Ganezer“ASL Kids and Adults”
by Gilda Ganezer

Being able to speak a second language is an invaluable skill. So why not give your kids a head start by checking out this non-fiction DVD that provides over three hours of training in American Sign Language.


Book cover of "ASL Everyday Words" by Gilda Ganezer"ASL Everyday Words"
by Gilda Ganezer

This non-fiction DVD will show you how to use American Sign Language to communicate with others using words that are commonly used on a daily basis.


book cover of ASL What Did She Say? By Gilda Gazezer"ASL What Did She Say?"
by Gilda Gazezer

Next, test the skills you’ve learned with this non-fiction DVD that provides over 48 quiz chapters and over 350 questions on how to speak using American Sign Language.


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