New books for the week of July 29, 2017


Book cover "The Classical Music Experience" by Julius H. Jacobson II, M.D.ďThe Classical Music ExperienceĒ
by Julius H. Jacobson II, M.D.

This book is the ultimate listeners guide to classical music! Complete with two cdís it tells the story of forty-two of the worldís most celebrated composers.


Book cover of "Angelic Music" by Corey Mead"Angelic Music"
by Corey Mead

This is the story of Ben Franklinís favorite invention his glass armonica, the first instrument invented by an American that became so popular Mozart, Beethoven, Handle and Strauss composed for it and Marie Antoinette played it.


book cover of "Will You Miss Me When Iím Gone" by Mark Zwonitzer "Will You Miss Me When Iím Gone"
by Mark Zwonitzer

This book is the first major biography of the Carter family, the musical pioneers who are credited with establishing the sounds and songs that grew into modern folk, country and bluegrass music.


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