New books for week of July 15, 2017


Book cover "Thug Kitchen 101" by Matt Holloway“Thug Kitchen 101”
by Matt Holloway

This cookbook will show you how to stop wasting money on unhealthy takeout food and cook delicious and healthy meals that are guaranteed to be faster than delivery


Book cover of "100% Rea"l by Sam Talbot"100% Real"
by Sam Talbot

Packed with vibrant photos and over 100 recipes this cookbook will inspire you to make wildly delicious, nourishing food using healthy wholesome ingredients.


book cover of "Super Foods for Seniors" by FC&A Medical Publishing"Super Foods for Seniors"
by FC&A Medical Publishing

This book will show you the best foods for reversing the signs of aging, rejuvenating your veins and arteries, and keeping your brain sharp in your golden years.


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