New books for week of April 08, 2017


Book cover "The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide" by Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg“The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide”
by Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg

This comprehensive book will help you understand why your thyroid glands may be out of balance and what natural approaches you can take to get them functioning properly again.


Book cover of "The Acid Reflux Escape Plan" by Sonomas Press"The Acid Reflux Escape Plan"
by Sonomas Press

This cookbook and shopping guide will show you how you can eliminate acid reflux in just two short weeks using a “Gerd-Friendly” diet.


book cover of "Arthritis What Exercises Work" by John Bland M. D. "Arthritis What Exercises Work"
by John Bland M. D.

Stop suffering and get relief from arthritic pain with this book that will show you the right exercise for your kind of arthritis, pain level, age, occupation and hobbies.


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