New books for week of March 04, 2017


Book cove"Is it All in Your Head?" by Suzanne O’Sullivan “Is it All in Your Head?”
by Suzanne O’Sullivan

Neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan takes readers on a journey though the world of psychosomatic illness and tells true stories of people suffering from imaginary illnesses.


Book cover of "The Cancer Whisperer" by Sophie Sabbage"The Cancer Whisperer"
by Sophie Sabbage

This self-published sensation and UK bestseller will shows how the author found courage, direction and effective methods for dealing with her fear, anger, grief and denial after being diagnosed with cancer.


book cover of "Attending" by Ronald Epstein "Attending"
by Ronald Epstein

This is a groundbreaking and intimate exploration of how doctors think and how we can restore humanity to medicine.


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