New books for week of February 04, 2017


Book cove"Making a Point"  by David Crystal “Making a Point”
by David Crystal

This book tells the story of the first use of punctuation and includes a guide to show you how to use punctuation correctly.


Book cover of "The Art of Language Inventio"n by David Peterson "The Art of Language Invention"
by David Peterson

Ever wonder how movie and television makers create made up languages like those spoken by Klingons, Elves, Dothraki or Shivaisith? Then this book is for you!


book cover of "Words on the Move" by John H. McWhorter "Words on the Move"
 by John H. McWhorter
Whether you’re “LOL”-ing or not laughing at all this book will show you how language is always evolving and how you can embrace those inevitable transformations.


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