New books for week of January 28, 2017


Book cove"rChain of Title" by David Dayen“Chain of Title”
by David Dayen

This is the true story of how a cancer nurse, a car dealership worker and an insurance fraud salesman uncovered Wall Street’s great foreclosure fraud that left millions of American’s homeless during the great recession.


Book cover of "Makers and Takers" by Rana Foroohar"Makers and Takers"
by Rana Foroohar

This book shows how American finance is in crisis and how Wall Street’s reign over Main Street is widening the gap between rich and poor and threatening the future of the American Dream.


book cover of "See Something Say Nothing" by Philip Haney "See Something Say Nothing"
 by Philip Haney
Written by a retired department of homeland security officer this book’s goal is to expose the truth about ISIS and the past administrations submission to Jihad.


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