New books for week of December 24, 2016


Book cover"1932" by David Pietruszaď1932Ē
by David Pietrusza

This is two tales richly woven together to tell the story of two men who rise to power in 1932 giving us FDRís New Deal and Hitlerís Third Reich.


Book cover of "1944" by Jay Winik"1944"
by Jay Winik

This is the story of a pivotal time in WWII that could have ended very differently had it not been for FDRís reelection, his wartime leadership and the year that changed history.


book cover of "1946" by Victor Sebestyen"1946"
by Victor Sebestyen

This is the story about the year that would signal the beginning of the Cold War, the end of the British Empire and the beginning of the rivalry between the United States and the USSR.


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