New books for week of November 12, 2016


Book cover "The Residence" by Kate Andersen Brower“The Residence”
by Kate Andersen Brower

Each administration brings a unique set of personalities to the White House and a new set of challenges to the fiercely loyal and hardworking people who serve them. This book takes you inside the private world of both.


Book cover of "Upstairs at the White House" by J.B. West "Upstairs at the White House"
by J.B. West

J.B. West spent twenty eight years working inside the White House. This book is a rich account of his life as chief usher for America’s first ladies.


book cover of "Dead Presidents" by Brady Carlson "Dead Presidents"
by Brady Carlson

While in office each President left his mark on our nation. What might surprise you is the bizarre affect they had when not only not in office but also not alive.


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