New books for week of October 22, 2016


Book cover "Coraline" by Neill Gaiman“Coraline”
by Neill Gaiman

Tis the season for spooky tales and if you have juvenile children who love a good scare start with “Coraline” the story of a young girl who must challenge a gruesome entity to save herself, her parents and three lost souls.


Book cover of "The Scary Story Reader" by Richard Young"The Scary Story Reader"
by Richard Young

This collection of forty-one scary stories is perfect for sleepovers, campfires, car trips and especially kid’s costume parties!


book cover of "Hans Andersen Fairy Tales" translated by Eve Wendt"Hans Andersen Fairy Tales"
translated by Eve Wendt

Disney fodder his stories may be, but ole H.C.A had a dark side! Spoiler alert, these tales do not have a happy ending and Prince Charming never comes.


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