New books for week of September 24, 2016


Book cover "Naturally Delicious" by Danny Seo“Naturally Delicious”
by Danny Seo

We know it’s harder to try to eat healthy than it is to hit the drive-through, but this cookbook will show you easy steps and quick kitchen hacks so you can skip the fast food and create meals that will “naturally” become part of your everyday life.


Book cover of "Cravings" by Chrissy Teigen"Cravings"
by Chrissy Teigen

Even the most celebrity-skeptical-cookbook reader will find it hard not to enjoy this cookbook filled with salty, spicy and saucy foods for all the NOT low calorie foods you WANT to eat!


book cover of "Comfort and Joy Cooking for Two" by Christina Lane"Comfort and Joy Cooking for Two"
by Christina Lane

Alabama Fried Chicken Sandwiches for two! Delicious AND do-able with this handy cookbook that will show you how to create you favorite meals in smaller batches so there is just enough for two. There is even a recipe for meatloaf!


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