New books for week of September 17, 2016


Book cover "Lentil Underground" by Liz Carlisle“Lentil Underground”
by Liz Carlisle

This is the remarkably true story of a group of Montana farmers who in the 1970’s defied corporate agribusiness by refusing to plant GMO’s. Their company “Timeless Natural Foods” is now a million-dollar organic business.


Book cover of "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" by Steven M. Druker"Altered Genes, Twisted Truth"
by Steven M. Druker

This shocking story of how the venture to genetically engineer our food has subverted science, corrupted government and deceived the public while recklessly subjecting our health and our environment to unacceptable risks.


book cover of "Genetics & Society" by Charlotte Omoto & Paul Lurquin"Genetics & Society"
by Charlotte Omoto & Paul Lurquin

This user friendly book explores the cutting edge aspects of genetic science and the impact of DNA technology on medicine and society at large.


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