New books for week of January 18, 2014


Book cover of "All American" by Steve Eubanks“All American”
by Steve Eubanks

This is the inspiring story of two football rivals who faced each other in the 2001 Army-Navy game and then both went on to serve their county fighting in the Iraq War.


Book cover of "Carnivore" by Dillard Johnson and James Tarr"Carnivore"
by Dillard Johnson and James Tarr

This is the gripping and unflinchingly honest autobiography of Sergeant Dillard “C.J.” Johnson one of the deadliest American soldiers of all time.


Book cover of "Guide to Joining the Military" by Scott A. Ostrow"Guide to Joining the Military"
by Scott A. Ostrow

This valuable guide for both men and women will show you opportunities within all branches of the military, what to expect from a military career, basic training facts, daily regimes and more.


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