New books for week of March 09, 2013


Book cover of "Saturday Night Widows" by Becky Aikman“Saturday Night Widows”
by Becky Aikman

A tale of six young widows who summon humor and resilience to overcome adversity and learn to live past the worst thing they thought could happen.



Book cover of "Cruising Attitude" by Heather Poole“Cruising Attitude”
by Heather Poole

A charming and funny account of a real life flight attendants work in the not-always-so-friendly skies.



Bookcover of “The Dirty Life" by Kristin Kimball“The Dirty Life”
by Kristin Kimball

The story of one woman who in a moment of madness drops everything and changes her entire life when she falls in love…twice, first with the farmer and then with his farm.



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