New books for week of September 01, 2012


Book cover of "The Pickled Pantry" by Andrea Chesman“The Pickled Pantry”
by Andrea Chesman

Expert guidance on pickling for everything from apples to zucchini. Beginners will welcome the simple guidance on the basics while dedicated canners will love the variety of recipes.



Book cover of "Sweet Designs: Bake it, craft it, style it" by Amy Atlas“Sweet Designs: Bake it, craft it, style it”
 by Amy Atlas

Don’t just serve dessert serve it with style! Includes over 100 recipes and 75 DIY craft projects to make them even more special.



Bookcover of “A Feast of ice and fire" by Chelsea Monroe-Cassle“A Feast of ice and fire”
by Chelsea Monroe-Cassle

Mouthwatering recipes inspired by the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Easy to follow recipes help you cook medieval meals fit for a king.