New books for week of July 21, 2012

Book cover of "The Rescue of Belle and Sundance" by Birgit Stutz“The Rescue of Belle and Sundance”
by Birgit Stutz

One town’s incredible race to save two abandoned horses, trapped in a ten-foot snow prison in the Canadian Rockies, from starvation, frostbite, and death.



Book cover of "Huck" by Janet Elder “Huck”
 by Janet Elder

The true story of how one community came together to help a breast cancer survivor find her beloved lost dog. Elder shows us humanity in its best light.



Bookcover of “Rin Tin Tin" by Susan Orlean“Rin Tin Tin”
by Susan Orlean

Discovered by an American Soldier on a battlefield in France during WWI, Rin Tin Tin journeyed from orphaned pup to Hollywood movie star and international icon. This is the compelling portrait of his life.