New books for week of May 19, 2012

Book cover of "Stand Up and Garden" by Mary Moss-Sprague“Stand Up and Garden”
by Mary Moss-Sprague

The no-digging, no-tilling, no-stooping approach to gardening. Now everyone can garden even those with physical limitations.



Book cover of "Women and Their Gardens: A History" by Catherine Harwood“Women and Their Gardens: A History”
 by Catherine Harwood

A historical account of over 200 women and their contributions to gardening around the world including garden design, plant collecting and education. 



Bookcover of “The New Terrarium" by Tovah Martin“The New Terrarium”
by Tovah Martin

Tucked inside something crystal and contained terrariums transform your home or office with little gardens under glass. Simple step-by-step instructions and photographs help you bring the bounty of nature inside no matter space or natural light limitations.