New books for week of April 14, 2012

Book cover of "Easy Growing: Organic Herb & Edible Flowers" by Gayla Trail“Easy Growing: Organic Herb & Edible Flowers”
by Gayla Trail

Simple to grow and small enough to fit in any space these herbs and edible flowers add a dash of delicious to any meal. Get tips and ideas to raise organic edibles wherever you can squeeze them. 



Book cover of "Small is Bountiful" by Liz Dobbs“Small is Bountiful”
 by Liz Dobbs

Use the latest practice of high-density patio growing to grow an abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs in containers, window boxes and flower baskets. 



Bookcover of “Garden Up!" by Susan Morrison“Garden Up!”
by Susan Morrison

Inspiration and information for enhancing any outdoor space with vertical elements this book has over 200 photos and chapters like “Arbors and Trellises” to inspire you to grow edible gardens or cover problem areas in your yard with vertical gardening.