New books for week of January 14, 2012

Book cover of “The Whistleblower” by Kathryn Bolkovac“The Whistleblower”
by Kathryn Bolkovac

When Nebraska police officer and divorced mother of three Kathryn Bolkovac saw a recruiting announcement for private military contractor DynCorp International, she applied and was hired. Bolkovac was shipped out to Bosnia, where DynCorp had been contracted to support the UN peacekeeping mission. At great risk to her personal safety, she began to unravel the ugly truth about officers involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution and their connections to private mercenary contractors, the UN, and the U.S. State Department.


Book cover of “DarkMarket” by Misha Glenny“DarkMarket”
 by Misha Glenny

In this fascinating and compelling book, Misha Glenny, explores the three fundamental threats facing us in the twenty-first century: cybercrime, cyberwarfare and cyberindustrial espionage. Governments and the private sector are losing billions of dollars each year fighting an ever-morphing, often invisible and often intelligent new breed of criminal: the hacker.


Bookcover of “The Fall of the Faculty” by Benjamin Ginsberg“The Fall of the Faculty”
by Benjamin Ginsberg

In the past decade, universities have added layers of administrators and staffers to their payrolls every year even while laying off full-time faculty in increasing numbers. In a further irony, many of the newly minted, and non-academic, administrators are career managers who downplay the importance of teaching and research.