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Whitman County Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Colfax Branch

February 16, 2010


Present: Becky Dickerson, Jon Kehne, Teresa Myott, Kristie Kirkpatrick, Don Appel, Larry Kom

Becky Dickerson, Board vice-chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05 P.M. on the second floor of the U.S. Bank building, adjacent to the library. Kristie agreed to take the minutes in Peggy's absence. The minutes of the previous were reviewed. Jon made a motion to accept the minutes and Teresa seconded. The motion carried. Larry Kom reviewed his written report for the Board as related to the Colfax renovation. A copy of that report is attached. Kristie inquired as to the best date to plan for a Grand Reopening. Larry encouraged the group to plan for early June, to which they agreed. Kristie thanked Don for his work with the library's financials in Peggy's absence. Becky welcomed Don to the meeting and concurred with the library's appreciation of his efforts.

Kristie presented the financial reports. She reviewed the budget report through December 21, 2009 and the account balances report. She presented vouchers #10340-10387 totaling $14,314.20 and also construction fund vouchers 1013-1014. Jon motioned that the vouchers be approved for payment and Teresa seconded. The motion carried.

Kristie reported strong circulation statistics for the month of January. These included circulation gains in Malden and Rosalia, 6292 visits to the Rural Heritage online collection, 109 online librarian questions (Ask Us 24/7) and the impressive increase in the number of volunteer hours worked at 118. Branch circulation was strong enough to offset a 40% drop in Colfax circulation.


Kristie informed the Board that WCL and The Port of Whitman are awaiting word on their application for Round 1 Broadband Stimulus funding. Most other applications have been approved or denied. The library is currently studying the feasibility of applying for Round 2 but was disappointed to learn that computing centers and equipment will not be a part of the new application.

Kristie updated the Board on efforts to restore funding to Washington State Library. Earlier in the day, Whitman County Commissioners agreed to send a letter of support to local legislators and to members of the House and Senate Ways committees.


Kristie shared a photo of last month's supporters of the month, The Community of Endicott, represented by Mayor Strader and his wife Barbara and Gail Bilow. Kristie also thanks John Aune and Wanda Alderman for helping present those awards.

March Library supporter will be St. John Cable. Becky agreed to assist in the presentation of that award.

Kristie reported that Lamont is seeking .09 funds to build a community restroom, meeting room and library space. If the project is funded, the community will seek contract service from WCL. Kristie wrote a letter of support for Lamont's application with service levels expected to be similar to that of the Malden Branch.

Kristie mentioned the recent Friends of the Library fundraising letter along with plans to distribute a spring newsletter/annual report. It will carry lots of photos and be called Library Link.

The entire library system will be closed March 25-26 for a major upgrade of the library catalog software system.

Kristie reviewed the library's tendency to provide staff travel and training at a bargain rate. This includes writing continuing education grants, sharing rides, sharing rooms or bringing training to local venues to save money.

The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 16th in the U.S. Bank location.

Becky adjourned the meeting at 5 P.M., inviting Board members to tour the renovation site.



Kristie Kirkpatrick, Director and Recording Secretary


Becky Dickerson, Vice-chair


Library trustee

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