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 Whitman County Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Colfax Branch
October 13, 2009
4:30 p.m.


Present: Leslee Miller, Theresa Myott, Rebecca Dickerson, Crystal Bailey, Kristie Kirkpatrick and Peggy Bryan.

Theresa Myott, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:36 p.m. Theresa asked for additions or modifications to the agenda. Kristie welcomed Crystal Bailey, Garfield Branch Manager to the meeting.

Kristie and the board presented the Library Supporter of the Month to Sally Elder, from Garfield. A long time Garfield library supporter, Sally is editor of the North Palouse Journal and Palouse Magazine. Monthly Business: The minutes of the September meeting were not reviewed, but will not be approved. This will be tabled until the trustees from that meeting are present, likely in December.

Peggy reviewed the Financial Reports; the October vouchers #10114-10162 totaling $14,902.86. Board members signed to authorize payment. She also presented vouchers #1004 for payment from the Construction Fund. Board members signed to authorize payment.

Kristie reviewed circulation reports for September. Library circulation was down by 100 checkouts system-wide. Branches with increased circulation were Garfield, Malden, Palouse, Rosalia and Colfax. Decreased circulation was noted in Colton, LaCrosse and Uniontown. The board questioned the zero computer usage in the Colton and Oakesdale branches. Kristie will follow up on this.


Kristie reported that a pre-bid meeting on the Colfax Building is to be held Thursday, October 15, at 10:00 a.m. Larry Kom from CKA, our architect will lead the meeting and give the contractors a tour of the library. The bids are tentatively set for opening at the Colfax Library on Thursday, October 29 at 4:00 p.m. The board will then meet to choose a contractor at a meeting to be scheduled after the bids are opened. Kristie will investigate several dates for this meeting and be back in touch via email.

Kristie reported on broadband and computer upgrades included in a huge statewide grant through NoaNet. Funding could include a new state-wide network and many amazing possibilities. James and Kristie have been on the state-wide steering committee for these grant opportunities. A smaller project, Occupational Resource Connections (LSTA) has been funded and Erica Willson will lead this project geared for job seekers and career exploration for Whitman County residents.


Kristie discussed a University of Washington project in conjunction with the Early Learning Public Library Partnership of which, WCL is an active member and Kristie serves on the steering committee. The UW project will identify best practices in libraries and their early learning partnerships around the state of Washington for replication across the country. Kristie noted that WCL's membership in ELPLP is money well spent and also talked about a grant WCL received from ELPLP for the Summer Reading kickoff last spring.

Kristie briefly discussed I-1033. She shared a WLA fact sheet on I-1033 and Libraries, noting their opposition.

Kristie announced that David Guterson is to be the featured author for Everybody Reads. Events are scheduled Monday, November 9 at Colfax High School and Neill Public Library and Tuesday, November 10 at Moscow High School and Kenworthy P.A.C.

Kristie shared a story from Don Appel on how customers use computers, Internet in ways that change their lives.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 17 in Colfax at 4 p.m.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:12. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 17 in Colfax at 4 p.m.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director

Teresa Myott, Board Chair

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick
Whitman County Library
102 S Main Street
Colfax, Washington 99111

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