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Board Minutes


 June 2006

   Whitman County Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Colfax Branch
June 21, 2006
4:00 p.m.


Present:   Leslee Miller, Teresa Myott, Becky Dickerson, John Aune, Jon Kehne, Clancy Pool, Debbie Gilbertson, Peggy Bryan, and Kristie Kirkpatrick. 

Becky Dickerson, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:02. She asked if there were any additions or modifications to the agenda.  Kristie asked that the Approval of annexation contracts, introduction of Debbie Gilbertson, Library supporters of the Month for June and update by Clancy Pool on St. John Branch be moved before the financial & circulation statistics.

Kristie reviewed the annexation contracts for Tekoa and Palouse and discussed the need for updating the contracts.  Jon Kehne made a motion to accept resolution #04-06 for the City of Palouse contract and resolution #05-06 for the City of Tekoa contract. The motion was seconded and the Board voted to accept the contracts.  Becky and Peggy signed the contracts with a Notary present at Bishop Law Offices across the street.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.  Jon Kehne made a motion to accept the minutes, Leslee Miller seconded and the motion carried.

Kristie introduced Debbie Gilbertson, Garfield Branch Manager.  Kristie highlighted interesting facts and statistics about the Garfield Library.  Debbie talked about her branch and the customers she serves. 

Kristie announced that the Library Supporter for the month of June is Mary Ann Storms, branch substitute and volunteer for the Garfield Branch.  Clancy presented the award to Mary Ann, who was substituting in the next room.   Debbie Gilbertson also presented her with an outdoor plant.   Kristie expressed her appreciation for Mary Annís many contributions to the library.

Kristie read a letter of commendation to Clancy for all of her efforts in St. John.  Clancy gave an update on the St. John City Hall & Library project.  The contracts with the architect have been signed, estimating an anticipated 38 weeks to completion.  She will be attending a meeting with Bob Zimmer, Architect and the city council tonight.  She anticipates that the dedication will be held during Winterfest this year. 

Peggy presented the Financial Reports; May 31, 2006 Budget Report and Account Balances Reports. She reviewed May vouchers #7976-8035 totaling $13,146.30.   John Aune made a motion to authorize payment of the vouchers.  Leslee Miller seconded and the motion carried.  Board members signed to authorize payment. 

Kristie presented the circulation statistics for May.  The circulation of materials was up by 2000, with increases in Rosalia, Endicott, Garfield, St. John & Uniontown.  Kristie further noted that Rosaliaís circulation increased by 50%.  Database usage was down some overall but program attendance was up significantly in Rosalia, St. John and Colfax.  Kristie noted that our volunteer hours were down by 200. 


Peggy presented the updated Friends of the Library membership list, with 15 new members.   

Kristie discussed the progress on the elevator in the Colfax Branch.  It has been out of service for approximately 6 weeks.  She is hopeful that repairs will soon be completed.  She further discussed Erica Willsonís efforts to seek grant funding to assist with a new elevator.  A new elevator would be ADA compliant for both staff and the public.  She is investigating a grant through USDA Rural Resources.  A brief discussion followed.

Kristie announced that the library supporter for the month of July will be the City of Malden.  Their support of the library has been overwhelming and much appreciated.  

Clancy discussed the countywide summer reading programs.  She described the activities at each branch, noting the uniqueness and variety of programs from branch to branch.  She also noted the generous support of businesses and individuals for the summer reading programs in each community.

Kristie discussed the Americorp position, currently held by Lindsay Godfrey.  Kristie noted that Lindsay has done great job this past year.  Americorp did not renew the contract in Whitman County for the upcoming year.  We are currently advertising for a part-time position to assist with childrenís services and outreach. Lindsay will be greatly missed.

Kristie announced the upcoming book sale in July.  She gave everyone a flyer of the dates and times of the booksale.  She also noted that there are open spots on the work schedule, if anyone is interested in helping.   

Kristie gave everyone a copy of recent articles in the Community Current that featured WCL.  She thanked Becky for her great coverage and support of the library. 

Kristie announced plans to discuss the 2007 budget in general terms at the next meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:14 p.m.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 19 at 3:30 p.m. at the Colfax Library. 



Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary



Kristie Kirkpatrick, Director



Becky Dickerson, Chair

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