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Board of Trustees Meeting

Colfax Branch

January 15, 2008

4:00 p.m.

 Present:   Leslee Miller, Jon Kehne, Rebecca Dickerson, Teresa Myott, Peggy Bryan, and Kristie Kirkpatrick.

 Jon Kehne, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05.

First order of business was the transition of board officers for 2008. Leslee Miller was elected Chair and Teresa Myott, Vice Chair by a motion from Becky Dickerson and a second by Leslee Miller. The motion passed. Jon Kehne was given a small gift of thanks as outgoing Board Chair.

Leslee asked for additions or modifications to the agenda.  There were none.

The Board reviewed the November 2007 meeting minutes.  Jon Kehne made a motion to accept the minutes and Becky Dickerson seconded.  The motion passed.  The minutes of the December 2007 were reviewed.  Jon Kehne made a motion to accept and Leslee Miller seconded.  The motion passed.

Peggy presented Resolution #01-08 for additional 1% in 2008 and Resolution #02-08 addressing Levy Certification, updating the dollar amount from the previous resolutions.  Jon Kehne made a motion to accept both resolutions, Becky Dickerson seconded and the motion passed.

 Peggy reviewed the Financial Reports; Budget Report through December 30, 2007, 13th Month & January Vouchers and Account Balances Reports. She reviewed January vouchers #9012-9037 totaling $1,917.29.  Board members signed to authorize payment. 

Kristie reviewed circulation reports for January, noting that overall circulation was down 500 from the previous year. Database usage increased, website visits were down, but online catalog searches were up. 

Reviewing the 2007 Annual Circulation, Kristie noted a 1385 decrease in overall circulation.  There was a 4600 increase in database usage, 1500 increase in website visits, while online catalog searches was down 1300.  She noted a shift in usage to more on-line resources. Volunteer hours increased by 3000 and 1000 holdings were added to the collection.   


Kristie reported on the Headquarters building upgrades.  She and Peggy are working on a USDA pre-application for a grant & low interest loan.  If successful, the USDA application would consist of 25% matching funds, 25% grant & 50% low interest loan on the amount requested.  Becky Dickerson made a motion to accept the terms of the grant proposal and that the board sees this project as their #1 priority.  Jon Kehne seconded and the motion passed.  Kristie also is proceeding in seeking Washington State Capital Funds with the assistance of Representative Joe Schmick.   Kristie met with the Colfax City Council seeking support for the Handicap Accessibility Renovation Project and asking the city for funds earmarked for tourism support to fund the renovation of the main floor restroom in the library.  Kristie discussed sending a fundraising letter to the Friends of WCL also.

Kristie discussed recent library donations.  She received notification that the Elizabeth Gordon Estate should soon be settled and we’ll soon have a final figure.  She spoke with the Attorney for the Kathy Schlunegar Estate and received word that we need to wait until the estate settles before making a public announcement.  Other fund raising efforts will include a Friends of the Library Cougar Drawing, soliciting money from local donors and friends of the library.



Peggy presented an updated list of the Friends of the Library with 10 new members. 

The Library Supporter of the Month for January is Tiana Gregg from Palouse.  Tiana assisted with the Turkey Leg Fund Raiser in Palouse for the last three years which has raised nearly $4500 for children’s books in Palouse.  Tiana also assists with storytime and other library projects throughout the year.  She is the owner of the Green Frog and also has a music CD out in support of the local swimming pool.  Teresa Myott will assist with the presentation of the award in Palouse if scheduling allows.

Kristie announced that the library is hosting an EBay Class on Wednesday, January 23 at the library in Colfax.  Wired Wednesday’s resume on January 30 and continue through the end of February at the Colfax library also.

Kristie discussed the Foundation for Early Learning and the statewide public library partnership. This partnership strives to make libraries more visible to other early learning agencies, legislators and the public as vital educational providers. Kristie will participate on the statewide governing board.

Kristie discussed Malden’s concerns with affording their library contract.  She contact the Mayor after gathering more information.

Kristie discussed Library Legislative Day in Olympia on February 14 & 15.  She and Becky Dickerson will attend.  Kristie will also be attending the Director’s Meeting on January 30 & February 1.  Kristie announced that she will be using her vacation time on January 19-26, February 16-Mar 1 and Mar 8-16. 

The next meeting is set for February 19th in Colfax at 4:00 pm. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:03.



Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary


Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director


Leslee Miller, Board Chair

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick
Whitman County Library
102 S Main Street
Colfax, Washington 99111

509 397-4366 or toll-free 1-877-733-3375