Whitman County Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Colfax Branch
November 2, 2011


Present: Becky Dickerson, Teresa Myott, John Aune, Bob Bates, Jon Kehne, Kristie Kirkpatrick and Peggy Bryan.

Becky Dickerson, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m. She asked for additions or modifications; there were none. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. John Aune made a motion to accept the minutes, Teresa Myott seconded and the motion carried.

Peggy presented the financial reports through October 31, 2011. She presented payment voucher resolution #18-11 totaling $113,049.56. John Aune motioned to approve the resolution and John Kehne seconded. The motion carried.

Peggy discussed the Kathy Schluneger Estate and reviewed the revenues from the last three years. She anticipated that revenues will be up this year with the higher crop yields in this area. A brief discussion followed. Kristie mentioned that these funds are earmarked for the USDA Loan repayment.

Kristie presented the circulation report for September, noting overall circulation was dismal. Albion, Tekoa and Uniontown had increases in circulation. Albion, Malden and Tekoa have remarkably high computer use. Database usage had a significant increase also. She noted that WCL Rural Heritage usage remained high, but had dropped down in the statewide list. She announced that the library subscribed to a new foreign language database, Livemocha. The subscription will begin December 1.

CONTINUED BUSINESS: Kristie reported that the Town of Endicott received the Architecture RFP’s and will soon be making a decision. She announced that Laura Jones was recently hired as the new branch manager in Endicott with Caroline Morasch remaining as a substitute.

NEW BUSINESS: Sequel in the Stacks event was a success, raising more than $28,000 for Youth programming county-wide. The gala event honored John Aune, Jack and Ginny Pittman and Norma McGregor. Memorials of Norma and the Pittman’s were unveiled and John Aune was honored for his 14 years of service on the Library Board of Trustees. John was presented with a photo book highlighting his 14 years at the library.

Kristie reviewed the bill to the City of Colfax for library service. She explained the formula used in calculating the bill and the impact the Schluneger proceeds have on this.

Kristie announced the Winter Luncheon/Meeting will be at noon on December 6th at Roy Chatters Newspaper & Printing Museum in Palouse. Library Staff, Board and volunteers are invited to the luncheon, which will be catered by the Green Frog.

Kristie announced that the library received a “Transforming Life after 50” Grant that Clancy had submitted. Clancy was involved in a fellowship on Life after 50 earlier this year also.

The Board discussed the vacancy on the library board when John Aune completes his term at the end of 2012.

The next meeting will be December 20, 2011 at 4 p.m. in the Colfax Library. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:55.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

Rebecca Dickerson, Board Chair


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Kristie Kirkpatrick at 509-397-4366

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